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4 reviews for TX Dirt Rub

  1. Dawna French

    I used Jonny redds on my beef and chicken. Can’t wait to try on pork chops. The flavor this rub gives makes your mouth happy!

  2. Kristen O’Hara

    Great product!! Highly recommend!

  3. Brent Reaves

    I laid some porkchops out to prep for supper and just in time my wife walked in the door with our Jonny Redds order! Coincidence or Divine intervention? I choose the latter. The TX Dirt Rub is what you get when angels high-five each other. A perfect compliment to pork that enhances the taste without covering it up. We can’t wait to try it on fish and chicken!

  4. Trip C

    Such a great simple flavor. Not too complicated and confused like a lot of other rubs. Used when smoking a chicken, the whole family loved it.

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